Our Mission

The virtual environment is now fully established in all generations. We aim to investigate how a person’s lifestyle is changed in virtual environment, i.e. multiplayer games, social networks, etc. It is pretty difficult to describe the impact of the virtual environment and to know how to raise children in this environment. Children feel at ease in the new environment because it’s a piece of cake for them to learn to handle the technology. The change to an interactive digital environment has taken place very rapidly.

It’s become evident that mobile and tablet gadgets are gradually replacing desktops especially among the youth. In this regard we conduct surveys to study the changing role of gadgets in our life so as to develop quality software in particular spheres where the use of gadgets is necessary or much more practical than the use of desktops. In this regard, we center on various business applications and quality games for smart kids. As for educational side we gather information about the influence of educational apps on kids including augmented reality applications which use overlay graphics combined with real-world surroundings to help you kids learn. Your opinion is useful for us therefore we hold the following discussions so as to understand more the educational aspect in respect to 2+ year old kids. Please, share your view in our discussions on Facebook. In today’s business world, it’s essential to be flexible and discover new opportunities for on-the-go functionality and access. Mobile devices have opened a new era of accessibility and flexibility for day-to-day business users. Business people begin to rely on Android and iOS devices as much as on desktops and laptops. In some spheres tablets and smartphones are even more practical. We’ve pulled together our apps that help your business gain more competitiveness.

Our Products

A-TMS Transport Management and Planning System, MT Transport Monitoring and Dispatching System

Module MT of A-TMS system can serve as a vivid example of business applications, specially designed for mobile devices. A-TMS is designed for planning, routing and fulfillment of delivery requests within minimum time, as well as cross-docking to local warehouses and transferring goods from one warehouse to other warehouses. Module MT runs on drivers’ cell phones and allows tracking the following information:

  • Status of way-bills, including reports of survey discrepancies incidents to shipment
  • GPS coordinates, mileage, actual route time
  • Delivery statistics on all trips for a day


Mobile Products Catalog

Mobile Catalog provides a possibility to specify your company name, business area, logo, contacts, links to your location and to create your products catalog.

Online Booking System

This booking system provides an opportunity for end users to easily book tables with the possibility to specify preferences.

Our Games

As for the games we now concentrate on narrow segment: 2-4 year-old kids. In this regard we study thoroughly the psychological and educational side of the impact that games may have on 2-4 year-old kids and to deliver the most appropriate gaming applications for kids of this age so as to give young learners a head start in preschool centers and further in primary school. You are welcome to take part in our discussions in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Also, we invite you to try out our games designed for your smart toddlers and preschoolers.

My First Puzzles


This game appeals to 2-4 year old kids. It helps kids develop spatial recognition, matching, and fine-motor skills. Learn more »

Car Racing Story


It’s a nice game for your smart kids to play, develop fine motor skills, and learn to be attentive on roads as well as develop leadership qualities. Let your toddler win his or her first race! Learn more »

Little Yum-Yum


If you want your smart kids to have much fun picking yummy food for a little beastie, you really need to try out this game! A child is challenged to pick out the healthiest food and learns to distinguish edible and inedible items. Learn more »

Learn Numbers with Cars


Smart counting for young learners! Your car lover has no other way to learn numbers as to count cars. 3 game levels are different ways to memorize numbers and they help your child keep entertained. Learn more »

Price Benefits

We intend to optimize the cost, therefore we outsource software development. Our partner is Alfasoft Company from Minsk, Belarus.

Alfasoft Company

Alfasoft offers the development of business process applications in various spheres. The company has succeeded in a number of large software projects which enables them to develop high quality applications at a reasonable price. Learn more »